Cupid Menu 2019

Turn on the full charm with Porta’s 5-course Cupid Menu with Prosecco Love Potion.

Start with the delicate Smoked Trout, paired with an aphrodisiac legend – celeriac remoulade, with sprinklings of ikura and creamy macadamia. The journey gets sweeter with Sweet Corn Soup and savoury chorizo.
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Festive Favourites

The air tinkles and bells jingle. Gather your favourite folks and tuck into hearty Christmas and New Year feasts at Porta.

Start with plump sous vide Scallops, all natural and sweet, paired with salty jamon, aged balsamic and compressed watermelon that gives this dish an elevated texture. Then, ease into a heart-warming bowl of classic French Onion Soup with cheese toast and beautifully crowned with sprinkles of avruga caviar.
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Exclusive 2-day Event. Early Bird Treat. Book Now.

A debut collaboration between award-winning Philippines-based single-origin premium Malagos chocolate maker and Porta. Join us for a 4-course Chocolate Dinner with Wine Pairing as Executive Chef Alex Phan redefines modern European cuisine.


Fantastic flavours abound in the all-new set lunch menu from 4 September, at only $18 (for 2-course), or $22 (for 3-course).

Kick off your meal with signature appetiser, BLT Salad or Charred Aubergine, then journey on to Red Snapper with sauteed baby spinach, wild puff rice and saffron sauce, Confit Chicken Leg with taro puree and red wine sauce, or Spaghetti Bolognese with minced beef and fresh basil.

6-Course Marine Treasures

Porta Goes Local to celebrate Singapore’s 53rd Birthday with a 6-course Marine Treasures Menu.

This 2-day only event is a collaborative partnership between two home-grown brands – Porta and Ah Hua Kelong fish farm to showcase the best of locally-farmed seafood that has so much untapped potential, in ways one has never tasted before. Executive Chef Alex Phan, whose forte is in European cuisine, will infuse this precious haul with aromatic local herbs and spices with modern European culinary techniques to produce flavours and textures of intense depths.
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